Fable of an Infertile Female: Missing Intellegence

Please remember Fable of an Infertile Female is a fiction column I have developed based on the combined stories of women experiencing issues with fertility at various phases of the process through the female voice.  I currently just have little snip-its put together, but will be posting the updates here as they are developed and will be archiving them under the Infertile Female tab.

Missing Intelligence
Good golly, I feel like I can normally deal with things by putting them in little folders in my brain, clear, concise, and organized — but lately my brain feels like a mixing bowl.  Organization, multi-tasking and time management are things that come to me so naturally, but currently all of those things take a great deal of thought and processing.  How frustrating to see your own personal strengths disappear?   certainly eats at yourself esteem…..  I guess we can either laugh at ourselves, our occasional “case of the stupids” and maintain a positive outlook, or be miserable.  I choose to laugh.
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