Fable of an Infertile Female: 1/2 Way Pregnant

Apparently it is possible to be 1/2 way pregnant… Who knew.   I witnessed an amazing thing earlier this week.  The transfer of 2 embryos.  On the ultrasound screen I was told to watch for two little dots of white light, and sure enough – there they were being shot into the uterus for what we hope will be a successful pregnancy.

It is far to early to tell if the transfer will lead to a successful pregnancy, but it is possible to be 1/2 way pregnant.  You must care for your body and do everything by the book to ensure those little embryo’s want to make a home and stick around for a while.   It is hard to escape the thoughts of how your body is changing while waiting for that blood test to see if your HCG levels have increased.  Are the cramps, muscle aches, tenderness, fatigue, cravings, funny smells, etc due to something positive happening, or could there be something wrong?  Is it the hormone injections that make you feel so miserable?  Is it all in my head?  You approach everything with caution, because you do not want to ever think….

  • It didn’t work because I lifted something heavy
  • It didn’t work because I was on my feet too long Monday
  • It didn’t work because I ate too much sugar
  • It didn’t work because I………

You are excited about the possibility of a pregnancy, yet you don’t want to get your hopes up.  You are only 1/2 way there.  That 7 day wait to find out if your HCG levels increase begin to feel like an eternity.

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