Shiny Happy People – Not

People assume that when you find out you have a positive pregnancy test, you will feel better about things.  This is not always true.  In fact, most women I know who have a positive pregnancy test are nervous up until the date the baby would be viable outside the human body.   It is hard after so much time hoping to allow yourself to crossover and just simply enjoy being pregnant.

Research  indicates that women treated for infertility had less serious psychiatric issues leading to mental hospitalization than women who did not before and after treatments.  However, after treatments the risk of hospitalization increased among infertile women due to adjustment disorders.  Women who delivered a baby following infertility treatments had fewer hospital stays than women who did not deliver a child (

Women with infertility issues have a higher risk of depression.  The women who experience depression as a result of their infertility are less likely to seek fertility treatment or emotional support.

As I was reading through research articles on infertility, my searches would continually bring up articles about the emotional process of recovering from breast cancer.  At first I did not see the similarity.  I realized first that infertility is also a disease.  Infertility also takes away your sense of womanhood (similarly to that of a mastectomy).   Although the damage maybe repaired (via breast augmentation or having a baby), the emotional process of coping with your ideal self or whole self is not met.  Just because you were given a child or new breasts, doesn’t mean that you automatically feel whole and like yourself again.

As you move past your fertility issues, whether it is because you decided to stop fertility treatments or because you had a baby, it will become increasingly more difficult to seek help.

I am pointing this all out in my blog to encourage all of you to get professional help in processing what you are going through if it starts to feel overwhelming, you begin feeling unusually sad, or you just need some additional support.  It is normal following infertility treatments to have some emotions about your experience.

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