Is One Enough? Busting a Myth

Infertility treatments take their toll on your body, mind and spirit.  It is something that takes consideration prior to trying again after having a successful live birth.   Dreams for a family do not necessarily change because of the steps necessary to conceive.  A person who has always wanted 2-3 children, will likely still desire 2-3 children even if it is a difficult path to get there.
When you move forward to considering a second round of IVF it can evoke a great deal of questions and guilt.  It could potentially make you feel as though you are being selfish, not appreciating your first child enough, and taking resources away from your family to apply them to the unknown.  It is normal to feel a bit apprehensive moving into making the decision to move forward or not.
Other people ask may ask the question:
Aren’t you happy that you were able to have just one kid?
It isn’t that you are unhappy, but you are just like other couples who have more than one child (or want too).  It shouldn’t be assumed that you want to stop expanding your family after the birth/adoption of one child.
Share your thoughts or experiences.
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