Fable of an Infertile Female: Sense of Self

When processing all the information that I received at the doctor’s office I became overwhelmed by the options we had, the difficulty of that decision, and my los of sense of self.

When trying naturally I was so certain that I was meant to be a Mom, and excited about the joy of a child.  After a number of years trying various fertility treatments I became so wrapped up in the science and the process of family building I forgot why I wanted a child.  I got to a point where it felt more like a meeting of a goal than I did about a child.

That is when I questioned my whole purpose?  Maybe I am not meant to  have a child?  Maybe we are meant to adopt?  Maybe we are meant to adopt a child with special needs?  Would we make good foster parents? Maybe I am supposed to be a career woman?

Who am I?

We begin to grieve not only the fact we cannot have a child but the loss of who we thought we were meant to be…but in this moment of self discovery and following the road to a family, we may find ourselves doing something completely unexpected that fulfills us in more ways that we could have ever anticipated.

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