Fable of an Infertile Female: Shopping

Fable of an Infertile Female is a fiction column I have developed based on the combined stories of women experiencing issues with fertility at various phases of the process through the voice of a female.  I currently just have little snip-its put together, but will be posting the updates here as they are developed.

Shopping takes on a new meaning when you are trying to conceive a child.  Running to Target to pick up a few things turns into an accidental stroll through all the baby items. It is a form of self-inflicted torture.  You find yourself wondering if you will ever have a boy or a girl that you can dress in cute clothes, smelling the scent of baby powder when walking past the diapers and wonder if you will ever get to pick out a car seat.

You try to redirect yourself to pick out some clothes for yourself.  As you walk through the new styles you start wondering which outfits would have the most give should you actually get pregnant.  Instead of buying that pair of jeans that fit you just right, you wonder if you should get the next size up, just in case.

You read about a great sale on Danskos or that perfect pair of boots and started to wonder if you should spend 100+ dollars on a pair of shoes incase my shoe size changes during a pregnancy.

So you give up on shopping for clothes and shoes, and settle on a handbag.  Before you know it you have old ratty clothes in your closet, shoes with soles falling off, and a closet full of handbags.

Shopping just doesn’t have the same meaning.

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