Fable of an Infertile Female: Crazy Lady Drivers

The fertility clinic increased the doses of hormones that I am taking.  The prescriptions that I am given make me feel a bit like I am losing my mind.  My ability to multi-task and problem solve are no longer enact.  My vision is all wacky and my moods are imbalanced.  I am a bit at war with myself because I know that I normally have abilities, that I no longer have with the cocktail of hormones I am currently taking.

I got out of work this afternoon and realized that it was Wednesday which automatically put me in a terrible mood.  That meant that I needed to gas up the car and pack for another 1 night stay 3 hours from home for a 7am appointment for blood work and ultrasound, only to turn round and be at work by 1pm the next day.  A 6 hour round trip drive and cost of hotel room because there are no fertility clinics any closer.  A lot of time and money spent for something that takes about 15 minutes.

I began to wonder how smart (or legal) it was to place a hormonal, crazy, crabby, frustrated, exhausted, vision impaired woman on the road!  Men, let this be a lesson…no more picking on women drivers.

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