National Infertility Awareness Week: Myth Busters

This week on Resolve’s web page they are allowing bloggers to submit myth busting posts (  I was reading through the submissions and noticed many people are submitting posts that bust the same myths.  This tells me a couple of things….. they are the biggest myths out there and they are the biggest hot button issues for those experiencing infertility.   Here are the common themes  currently:

  • Just Relax
  • Secondary Infertility –conceiving one or more child without any intervention, and having to seek intervention for another pregnancy. 
  • Age – Posts varying between you waited too long to start trying and/or that you are too young to have infertility issues 
  • Should Be Happy With One – following a successful pregnancy via medical intervention or adoption, you should be happy with having one baby and not expect to have another child.
  • Infertility Ends at Birth – once you have a baby, you are no longer plagued by infertility.
  • Giving Up – stopping fertility treatments or adoption process and making the decision to remain childless is considered giving up.
  • IVF Always Works or IVF is the Only Option
  • Infertility is a Lady Problem
  • Infertility is Only Caused by Serious Medical Conditions
  • Trying is Fun
  • You Have Pleanty of Time
  • Stop Trying and You Will Get Pregnant
  • Everyone Follows the Same Treatment Plan
  • Marriages Rarely Survive Infertility
  • Stress Causes Infertility
  • The Second One is Easier – Having one kid with medical intervention will make it easier to have a second kid naturally.
  • Conceiving is Easy, Just Have Sex
  • Adoption is Faster and Easier
  • International Adoptions are Easier than Domestic
  • Higher Being’s Way of Telling You That You Are Not Meant to be a Parent, Don’t Deserve to be a Parent, or Natural Selection (Not Overpopulating)
  • Fertility Treatments are Unnatural
  • Infertility is not a Disease
  • You are Trying to Hard
  • Fertility Treaments Always Result in Multiples
  • If You Don’t Have Kids, You Must Not Like Them
  • Infertility Should Not Be Talked About
  • Infertility is a Private Matter
  • Support People Should Always Be Kept in the Loop on your Infertility Struggles
  • It is Selfish Not to Adopt
  • Infertility Treatments are Covered by Insurance
  • Positive Thinking Leads to a Baby
  • It is Funny to Joke about Infertility
  • Adopting is Risky- birth mother will want to take child back or the babies are damaged.
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