You Are Going To Know

When I went through my first round of IVF I started a journal to help me process my thoughts.  I also thought that my journal could be a great resource for someone else if I decided to pass it on.  Along the way I found myself wondering about heredity of infertility. I wondered what the possibility would be of my son/daughter having similar infertility issues.  I took it one step further and thought about what it might be like to share my journal entries with a future child.

Through my journaling I found had two types of thinking:

1) My journal is here to support you, should you find yourself in a similar position.

2) When my son/daughter is a rebelious teen, they will  know what awful process I went through to have them.  (Yikes)

I always came back to the realization that I can’t use the method and stress of the infertility treatments to manipulate my kid.  My kid had nothing to do with that process or hardship.  Making him/her feel guilty for our infertility issues is a weight that he/she shouldn’t have to carry.  Therefore, use your experience to teach resiliency and strength to your child.  Use your experience to show them that they can make it through some tough times.  In the end, you may also learn something about yourself.

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