Share Your Infertility Story

I would like to post stories from my readers.  If you have a story to share, a random thought, a myth to bust, something about advocacy, a historical piece about infertility, or even something you want me to write about or investigate tell me.  Click on the option to comment to this post and type what you have to say.  I may group the comments together by topic and post it as a new post on my blog.  You can tell me your name or leave it anonymous — up to you. 

Thanks for participating.

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One Response to Share Your Infertility Story

  1. This share your infertility story could be a lot of help to those women who have been struggling in getting pregnant. Many of them do not have a channel to burst out what they feel. It will be a relief for them if they know there is someone who would like to know their story. In case you have other fertility concerns, I found this site that maybe helpful.

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