This is somewhat unrelated, but a story of resiliency.   My sister-in-law has downs syndrome.  She participates in a choir for individuals with disabilities.  Last night they had a fundraiser.

I was looking at the faces of all the choir participants and was thinking of their parents.  What hardship and joy had the disabilities of their children brought? How have they (as parents) survived when tough decisions had to be made or even day-to-day living when things were not easy?

It was clear that some of these people had more assistance or care than others. In the group there were two faces that stood out the most.  The first was a gal with spinal bifida (I believe).  She was in a wheel chair and had very little muscle control.  She was not able to fully participate, but I sensed she was there to be a part of something.  She continually made eye contact with me.  Although she had little control of her mouth, her eyes were smiling.  I wondered what was happening in her mind that she could not express via her body.

The second face was a gal who was visually impaired and had another disability.  I have seen her before at other functions.  I am inspired each time that I see her.  She is always an active participant who wears a smile.  Her face brings those around her a great deal of joy.  I could see the others in the group standing near or assisting her were also struck by her positivity.

In watching these two interact with the other members of the choir I thought about internal strength.  These individuals have survived a great deal of hardship in their life time; yet, they still are able to smile and find pleasure in life.

To me this is a story about resiliency and overcoming barriers.  It is not directly related to infertility however I think as we move through these difficult processes on our path to growing our families we can learn a great deal from others who have struggled to accept their bodies and minds.

Stay strong.  Be resilient.  Learn from others.

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