Baby Lottery? Win a Baby.

I am not convinced that this is a real thing, but it made me scratch my head.  What are your thoughts?

Britain’s Baby Lottery Begins This Month

Britain's Baby Lottery Begins This MonthAs of July 30, Britons will have the chance to win a baby through a scheme by the in vitro fertilization charity To Hatch, after the group was awarded a license from the country’s Gambling Commission to sell £20 lottery tickets with fertility treatments, donor eggs or a surrogate birth as a prize, according to the Telegraph.

That’s actually a pretty nice idea. And anyone can enter to win the once a month lottery — the olds, the gays, the singles, just about anyone! But of course not everyone is on board with the plan, and some say winning a baby through a lottery ticket purchased at a newsstand is unethical or something. After the announcement that To Hatch won the license, Josephine Quintavalle from Comment on Reproductive Ethics poo-pooed all over everyone’s fun, saying, “This demeans the whole nature of human reproduction.”

Whatever. Good luck everyone!

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