Is This Real?

The process of any infertility treatment is not easy.  Thoughout the process you not only question what techniques are being used and how you got to that point – but you also begin to question who you are, if you really want children, and what your purpose might be in the world.  When you get that positive pregnancy test, all your worries should wash away…. right?

After conceiving by way of fertility treatments, when does the preganancy start to feel real?  With my fairst pregnancy following IVF it did not feel real until we knew the sex of the baby and chose a name for the baby.  This second pregancy (17 weeks) with twins following IVF it still doesn’t feel real…even with little movements, seeing ultrasounds, etc.  To me, I still feel like I am in the IVF process, where I am not secure in believing in my pregnancy.  I am sure for all of us in this position there is a point in the pregnancy for which we all finally can stop worrying and start enjoying the fact that all that we have been through worked.

Please share with the readers at what moment you stopped askind “is this real” and started believing in it.

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2 Responses to Is This Real?

  1. We were the calmest parents in the delivery room because after five years we kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Great blog.

  2. Tick-Talk says:

    We were too for our frist baby conceived via IVF. By the time we got to that point we were ready to move on with the next phase of our life and the delivery was just an exciting piece to the puzzle rather than anxiety producing. Thanks for the complement on the blog.

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