About Tick-Talk

Welcome to Tick-Talk.  Tick-Talk is a web-based support forum for individuals experiencing infertility issues.  The mission of Tick-Talk is to provide a comprehensive place for both women & men to share their stories of infertility, obtain information and resources, and to bring the matter of infertility into the open by advocating and educating others.


I am Kerry Herndon, MSW (Master of Social Work).  My husband and I have struggled with infertility.  We tried for nearly 6 years utilizing many interventions before having success with in-vitro fertilization (IVF).  I completed my Master’s in Social Work at The University of Montana which gave me the skills necessary to move forward with providing advocacy, support and information to others experiencing infertility.  With the desire to expand our family further, my husband and I considered options of adoption or a second attempt at IVF to have another child.  We decided that for us, IVF would be the route to take.  We recently had twins born December 2011.

As we moved through the IVF process the first, and more so the second time, it occurred to me that there were few organized fertility supports in place in Montana.  We all know that fertility does not only exist in urban areas, and that these types of supports are not always accessible.  I have made it my goal to do the following:

  • Provide support to other individuals and couples
  • Educate individuals and couples about infertility
  • Break the silence and strengthen our voice
  • Break the myths
  • Create a forum for discussion
  • Provide resources

This is a work in progress.  I would like for this website to provide a collaborative experience where we all can contribute and provide support to each other.

Thanks for taking the time to follow and participate in Tick-Talk.


2 Responses to About Tick-Talk

  1. Krissi says:

    I just found you through the NIAW list! Wow! I think what you’re doing is amazing! I too write my blog to support others after enduring 6 IVF cycles and completing my family. I just added your link under my resources section! And I would love to feature your success story (which I try to do each week.) Here’s a link to the Q & A format I use! Thanks in advance!

    • Tick-Talk says:

      Thank you. I have just started my blog within the first few weeks. I am learning as I go how to use wordpress as Igo. I will send you an email with my success story. How long do you typically like those posts? I will check out your Q&A.

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