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In the News: Sperm ‘Cloak’ Mutation May Explain Male Infertility

Some men may be less fertile than normal because they have a genetic mutation of a protein that coats the surface of sperm, scientists have found….. Read More: Advertisements

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I was speaking with a colleague who told me of a coworker who experienced infertility issues. He/she works as Child Protective Services social worker.  Her coworker was handed cases for which infants needed to be removed from their homes to keep them … Continue reading

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This is somewhat unrelated, but a story of resiliency.   My sister-in-law has downs syndrome.  She participates in a choir for individuals with disabilities.  Last night they had a fundraiser. I was looking at the faces of all the choir participants … Continue reading

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Family Act of 2011, S 965

Family Act of 2011, S 965 introduced in the U.S. Senate Legislation will remove financial barriers for infertility treatments RESOLVE:  The National Infertility Association applauds Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) for introducing a bill in the U.S. Senate that would provide … Continue reading

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I over heard someone taking the other day about their experience with IVF.  Her tone was different from most.  I have enough experience as a social worker to know that people cope with difficult situations in different ways. I don’t … Continue reading

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It Is Just The Hormones Speaking

Far to many relate the feelings that a person going through fertility is having to the hormones.  “It is just the hormones speaking”.   Hormones likely cause mood swings, but mood and feelings are completely different animals.  It is important … Continue reading

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National Infertility Awareness Week Blog Posts

I was reading some of the myth busters on Resolve’s website during National Infertility Awareness Week and came across the following posts/blogs that I thought maybe helpful to some of my readers.  There are too many to list, so I … Continue reading

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