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In the News: Skeleton Regulates Male Infertility

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have discovered that the skeleton acts as a regulator of fertility in male mice through a hormone released by bone, known as osteocalcin. Read More: Advertisements

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In the News: Sperm ‘Cloak’ Mutation May Explain Male Infertility

Some men may be less fertile than normal because they have a genetic mutation of a protein that coats the surface of sperm, scientists have found….. Read More:

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In the News: Cellphones, Cancer and Infertility

…..potential health problem associated with cell phones is gaining attention. Researchers in Austria compared cell phone users to non-users and have found cell phone use capable of damaging sperm production and may be a contributing factor in male infertility….. Read more:

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In The News: Bone Hormone May Impact Male Infertility

  A hormone produced by bone-building cells may have a role in regulating male fertility. Osteocalcin seems to promote production of the sex steroid hormone testosterone, and increase fertility, in male mice, according to a study led by Gerard Karsenty, … Continue reading

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The Weight of the World (For the Guys)

I often wonder what the process of infertility is for the guys, especially when the cause of infertility is due to a medical issue pertaining to him.  On the surface it looks like all the guy has to do is give … Continue reading

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Fable of an Infertile Female: Crazy Lady Drivers

The fertility clinic increased the doses of hormones that I am taking.  The prescriptions that I am given make me feel a bit like I am losing my mind.  My ability to multi-task and problem solve are no longer enact. … Continue reading

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