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Is This Real?

The process of any infertility treatment is not easy.  Thoughout the process you not only question what techniques are being used and how you got to that point – but you also begin to question who you are, if you … Continue reading

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I was speaking with a colleague who told me of a coworker who experienced infertility issues. He/she works as Child Protective Services social worker.  Her coworker was handed cases for which infants needed to be removed from their homes to keep them … Continue reading

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Roll Of The Dice

One fear I think many women have entering fertility treatment is the possibility of multiples.  We hear all the stories about octomom in the headlines and don’t want to end up a mom with 8 babies all at once.  Parenthood … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Paranoia

Following IVF transfer you are informed that you will have a few tests…The first to monitor your estradiol and progesterone levels, the second is a pregnancy test, and the third is a pregnancy test.  Then you are told you have weekly … Continue reading

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