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Memorial Day Thoughts

I personally have never experienced a miscarriage, but I know many who have.  I can’t imagine the heartache that you must feel, especially if you  fought  hard to conceive.  One couple I know went though IVF multiple times.  Each time … Continue reading

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This is somewhat unrelated, but a story of resiliency.   My sister-in-law has downs syndrome.  She participates in a choir for individuals with disabilities.  Last night they had a fundraiser. I was looking at the faces of all the choir participants … Continue reading

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You Are Going To Know

When I went through my first round of IVF I started a journal to help me process my thoughts.  I also thought that my journal could be a great resource for someone else if I decided to pass it on. … Continue reading

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Roll Of The Dice

One fear I think many women have entering fertility treatment is the possibility of multiples.  We hear all the stories about octomom in the headlines and don’t want to end up a mom with 8 babies all at once.  Parenthood … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can trigger an emotional response that you had not predicted.  I have a message for those of you who wish to be parents, but thus far have not had success.  Do not think of Mother’s Day as a … Continue reading

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Fable of an Infertile Female: Sense of Self

When processing all the information that I received at the doctor’s office I became overwhelmed by the options we had, the difficulty of that decision, and my los of sense of self. When trying naturally I was so certain that … Continue reading

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It Is Not You, It Is Me

I personally know several couples who have struggled with infertility and have read of may others who chose to keep their struggles a secret from those closest to them until after they conceive, deliver, or adopt.  Many of them have … Continue reading

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