My own experience and the research I have done has primarily been centered around the option of IVF.  I would eventually like to expand this site to discuss other options.  If you have ideas or suggestions for developing information about other options, please let me know.  I welcome your ideas.

This youtube video is a great way to understand the retrieval process:




Posted on May 13, 2011 by Tick-Talk

I over heard someone taking the other day about their experience with IVF.  Her tone was different from most.  I have enough experience as a social worker to know that people cope with difficult situations in different ways. I don’t believe what was happening was a coping mechanism.  This woman was actually gloating about her IVF experience.  She was talking about IVF as if it improved her social status.

It made me think about how celebrities have been perceived in the media recently.  It was as if it were more prestigious to conceive via IVF.  The media portrayal and this women’s tone made it seem as though going through IVF was glamorous.

There are a few things that cropped up in my mind:

1)  These women made the IVF process seem like it is a walk in the park, rather than a serious medical procedure.

2) In history, women with fertility issues were often viewed as “insane” or “lunatics”.  Women were committed to mental institutions (often by their spouses).  How did we go from lunatics to breaking ethical boundaries by seeking infertility treatments to being simply glamorous?

3) I read an article months ago about infertility treatments.  The article was asking if treatments were a privilege or a right.  Maybe there was some truth behind this womans words.  Infertility treatments are very expensive, and often not covered by insurance.  Perhaps there is a status symbol that goes with IVF, but an economic status – not a medical related status.

How do you feel when you hear someone bragging about their IVF experience?

Do you feel differently about it when celebrities brag vs. non-celebrities? Why do you think that might be?


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